Tokyo Replay Center (2013)

Design: Seuk Hoon Kim / Studio Eccentric
             Sukwon Lee / NEN

Type: Commercial
Location: Tokyo, Japan
Status: Competition Entry

    In Akihabara, the heart of Tokyo and the heart of Japan’s latest entertainment technology, we will like to propose a new typology of entertainment center.

    As we see a conventional building, the programs inside it are arranged along the axis of columns with the regards of the size and the priority of importance of programs. As to this, the programs can be distributed inequally. To solve this conventional problem in Tokyo Replay Center, we propose to arrange entertainment culture programs vertically so that people can enjoy them on every stories. The vertical volumes can also serve as load-bearing structure so that green landscape slabs can be plugged in each floor of Tokyo Replay Center. People can have a sense of freedom from suffocation of city life and experience entertainment culture in view as if they are out in the green Nature.

    As proposing a new typology of culture center, we will also preserve the reminiscence of “My Way 2” by having wide opening adjacent to the passageway as well as entrance from the main streets of north and south. In this way, Tokyo Replay Center and “My Way 2” can merge each other and form synergic connection of past and future of Akihabara. Tokyo Replay Center will become Akihabara’s new landmark as people will enjoy and experience Japan’s high-tech culture in the most revolutionary way, and this hip place will become the must-go place for “otaku-s”(manias) around the world.

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