Pyeong-Pyeong (2016)

Seoul Public Design Competition 2016
Design: Seuk Hoon Kim / Studio Eccentric
Location: Seoul, Korea
Type: Furniture / Public Design

Received Bronze Prize

     Back in the days, there used to be a wide rectangular bench called, ‘Pyeong-sang’ in front of most of the Korean villages.  As time passed by late afternoon, it was when our fathers came back from work, children crawled back by their mothers’ call after a long play; the elders watched over them with heart-warming smiles.  Everyone gathered around and sat on Pyeong-sang, enjoying warm foods and drinks while talking about the long day they had.  Pyeong-sang was a bench that has been shared for a long time in Korean culture.  On this large flat bench, everyone was equal to share one’s joy and sadness with one another.  It was more a bench of life.

     Nowadays as society develops and becomes more complex, more activities are demanding and in need for people. To accommodate this, Pyeong-sang needs to be reinterpreted allowing various types of activities and communication.  The proposal, 'Pyeong-Pyeong’ will be the new bench for the community members to join and share together once again.

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