Blob 2.0 (2018)

Design: Seuk Hoon Kim / Studio Eccentric
Type: Objet / Flower Base

Exhibited in Biennale Interieur 2018, Kortrijk, Belgium

    One of the most common recycle items that can be found around will be a typical PET bottle.  As PET bottle has been through the process of mass-production with one genuine shape for many years, it is about time to think of a way to reshape and give a new function for this bottle.  ‘Blob 2.0′, a newest version of ‘Blob’, is an attachable 3D-printed device which allows reinterpreting a typical PET bottle to an artistic, organic flower vase.  3D modeled and 3D printed the captured moments of the pottery making, these unique shapes as unique vases can be selected in variety of options by the customer’s taste.  Also, as the shapes are 3D printed with flexible material(TPU), they can be easily carried and used by the customer.

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