Mulman Cistern, Busan Mulmangol Bunker Regeneration Competition (2016)

Design: Seuk Hoon Kim / Studio Eccentric
             Sukwon Lee / NEN

Type: Community / Leisure Facility
Location: Busan, Korea
Status: Competition Entry

     Busan, South Korea’s second largest city as well as the number-one harbor city, is famous for the largest attraction during the summer season of Korea. Approximately 46 million people visited Busan beach such as Haeundae, Songjung, and Gwangalli just in the year 2015. As the number keep rises, community facilities and infrastructure along the coastlines are developing rapidly. However, the development of inland Busan is inadequate compare to this.  Therefore, we are proposing indoor swimming attraction so called, Mulman Cistern, for this project.

     The site where Mulman Cistern will be located, Busan Yeonje-gu, is right next to the Mulmangol area. Mulmangol, a creek named to be full of fresh water even during the drought season, is always busy with visitors during the weekend.  Mulman Cistern is a place where it can actively accommodate these visitors and work as a platform to provide balanced development of inland and coastline of Busan through the element of water.  Especially the bunker, which started from the expansion of caves dated back to Japanese colonial period, shows the lowest temperature of 11.21 °C and the yearly temperature difference of 1.7 °C. This condition will allow this facility to function not only in the summer, but also as an all-year around swimming attraction.  This advantage will eventually act as a critical attracting point for overall Busan, and as a supplement to the problem of coastline only concentrated during the summer season.

     The ultimate water entertainment center, Mulman Cistern will accommodate visitors nationwide as well as revitalize the local community through active programs within the platform.  Mulman Cistern will become the most favorable spot in the city of Busan.

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