Interior Design Korea(IDK) 2019 Kintex, Trend Pavilion (2019)

Space Directing: Seuk Hoon Kim (Studio Eccentric)
Design Team: Tae Ha Kim (Studio Eccentric)
Graphic Design: Yooseob Jeong (ROUTE Design Studio)
Collaboration Designers: Chiho Kim (CHIHO & Partners), Hyouck Huh (Design Tomorrow), Jong Hwan Baek (WGNB), Seok Kim (Tuneplanning)
Client: Messe Esang, Interior Brothers
Type: Exhibition
Location: Ilsan, Korea
Area: 225 sqm

No one can doubt that we are living in an era with the situation of ‘excessiveness’. As wide range of information continues to expand, it is always better to be enough than is not, but sure it is a situation that is uncomfortable and overwhelming.

Same as in worldwide trade show and fair scenes, where numerous brands greet with exaggerated and overwhelming booth designs, the competition among them seems to last forever.

In this season’s ‘Trend Pavilion’ of Interior Design Korea, which was the main booth organized for the two hundred thousand-visiting trade show, the challenge was to avoid from the inevitable conventional competition. To fulfill all measures, only few volumes and color configurations were articulated under the main concept of ‘back to the basic’. In promoting four collaborations among Korean interior designers and interior brands as the main function of this space, the bold and solid yellow pavilion embraces the four distinct stages in a whole, capturing the monolithic and monumental scene as the main focal point of the trade show.

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