GN Hair 

Design: Seuk Hoon Kim / Studio Eccentric
Design Team: Jae Hun Cha, Eunji Yu, Yujeong Park / Studio Eccentric
Construction: AZ S&B
Client: GN Hair
Type: Retail / Hair Salon
Location: Seoul, Korea
Photography: Mingu Kang

Featured in:
ID+C Magazine, China

Hair salon is a place where many spatial and functional elements intertwine together to form a very complex space. It is a place to whom he or she will like to receive the ultimate hair treatment experience, as to whom it will be a working place with efficient workflow and sufficient area to perform hairdressing. Hair salon needs to be a space which both expresses aesthetic impressions as well as functional factors at the same time.

For the new hair salon, GN Hair, the design team wanted to approach with a very clear design language to intrigue its customers and the passerby. During the process of concept development, an image of a swirling peachy hair of a woman was brought up and later this was further developed into the main separating feature wall of the hair salon. Not only this hair-resembling feature wall has separated space according to its function, but also its bumpy in-and-out feature has been able to express the unique identity of the space. Along with this feature wall, additional walls have been added which later divided the VIP zone, shampoo zone, and the canteen room gradually according to their privacy levels.
The shop seemed to show weakness of less traffic due to the location at the rear side of the building, but it showed its own charming feature of the front view facing a small mountain called Maebong Mountain; it has allowed to enjoy the full open view of the greenery. The design team took this further by replacing the front of the shop to full glass façade and added mirror to the other side by each seating, so the customers could enjoy and mesmerize by the reflected view of the nature.

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