Billi Seoul (2022)

Design: Seuk Hoon Kim
Design Team: Jae Hun Cha, Eunji Yu, Yujeong Park, Ineui Park / Studio Eccentric
Client: Input Group
Type: Lounge Bar
Location: Seoul, Korea
Photography: Min Gu Kang

Featured in:
Monthly Interiors, South Korea
BOB Magazine, South Korea

In this modern society we are living in, 'multi' purpose prevails. People have a concept like Multi Persona, and space is even more so. A house becomes a cafe, a bookstore becomes a bar, and a department store becomes a gallery. Billi Seoul can be seen as a club or a lounge bar, but it has a hidden side of it. As a startup in NFT business, the client needed an offline space for activities such as exhibiting and selling NFT products. In addition, the client hoped that it would not only function as NFT exhibition hall, but also a meeting space and F&B space for drinking, listening and watching; combined together. Billi Seoul is a complex space functioning as an experimental place to embrace the diversity of the platform.

The picture frames that attract the eyes from the surrounding walls are not just decorations; they are all NFT artworks. The works of specific artists are arranged in sections and visitors of Billi can immediately purchase their favorites. In this space, a launching party can be held, and social atvities take place to interact with others based on drinks and music.
Considering the harmony of such morphological changes and finishing overlap, the design team conceived NFT works to stand out. They took 'cyberpunk' suitable for digital as the entire concept. By breaking away from the typical gallery with a bright tone, they planned a space that could blend into more of a casual atmosphere, keeping it dark. The frames usually emit blue-ish light, so red light is introduced in the space as a contrast. The borderline of the blurry light between the blue and the red evokes a mysterious atmosphere.

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