Adidas New York Soho Store (2014)

Design: Seuk Hoon Kim / Studio Eccentric
             Paul Chan, Mimi Ho, Changkyu Lee, Yongwon Kwon, Timmie Tsang
Type: Retail
Location: New York, USA

‘Origami Façade’ proposes a pleated, high performance facade system that incorporates light filtration and program performance in order to create dynamic retail experience that connects the store interior to its external context.

Light Filteration

Images of sky and trees are expressed through perforations as natural light is controlled by the differed range of perforation on the panels.


Twenty-four module types are engineered to maximize manufacture efficiency and minimize material waste. These twenty-four types create a huge array of possibilities in assembly and on-site deployment.

The Module

Typical and structural modules connect to create a self-supporting facade system with minimal seams and virtually indistinguishable external and internal faces.


In creating the most flexible system, two major structural components are created to the system.

1. External connection to existing curtain wall
2. Module as self-supporting beam

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