Studio Eccentric Co., Ltd.

Globally award-winning, Studio Eccentric Co., Ltd., designs and articulates various types of spatial design, in considering the ultimate hospitality experience.

서울 기반으로 활동하는 (주)스튜디오익센트릭 은 호스피탈리티(hospitality)적인 공간 경험의 극대화를 기초로 다양한 공간디자인 기획 및 설계를 이어 나갑니다.

Architecture, Interior Design, Renovation/Adaptive Reuse, Space Concepting, Space Branding, Space Marketing, Interior Styling, Art Curation / Consultation.

Company History

2023      Opened creative art space, The Willow
2022      Established Eccentric Design Lab (EDL), Hanyang University
2022      Jai Young Yoo, appointed as CEO
2020      Converted to Studio Eccentric Co., Ltd. (CEO, Seuk Hoon Kim)
2018      Established Studio Eccentric, founded by Seuk Hoon Kim

Company Registration No.



Jai Young Yoo / CEO
Seuk Hoon Kim / Founder, Professor
Jae Hun Cha / Lead Designer
Eunji Yu / Designer
Yujeong Park / Designer

Jaemin Shin / Curator of The Willow

Past Members

Boseul Seo, Seoyoung Back, Suhyun Ryu, Doh Young Jeong, Taeha Kim

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