ANArKH Part I : Cafe (2023) 
의정부 아나키아 카페

Design: Prof. Seuk Hoon Kim / Eccentric Design Lab (EDL), Hanyang University
Design Team: Jae Hun Cha, Seoyoung Back, Su Hyun Ryu, Boseul Seo / Studio Eccentric
Construction: Eomji House
Architect: Simplex Architecture
Landscape Architect: Rhuan
Branding: Studio Eccentric Co., Ltd. / 13millimeter
Client: C&P 
Type: F&B
Location: Uijeongbu, Korea
Photography: Mingu Kang

Featured in:
Frame Magazine, The Netherlands
Magazine Maru, South Korea

Red Dot Design Award 2023 Winner, Retail Design 

Korea Golden Scale Best Deesign Award 2023 Winner 

iF Design Award 2024 Winner, Interior Architecture

Victor Hugo once was passing through the walls of Notre Dame and came across the word ‘ANArKH’. As he found this scribble which has meant ‘fate’ in ancient Greek, he felt the existence as of a small human being in an irresistible fateful situation in life. This was how his masterpiece ‘Notre Dame de Paris’ has all started, which he mentioned this in his preface as well. This project also started like a fate, which the site had a unique situation of residing right in the middle of a restricted development area. It has been critical for the team of Eccentric Design Lab of Hanyang University and Studio Eccentric to take this situation as an advantage point in the space to allow people to experience nature in various ways. The bakery café consisting of a total of two floors, has been planned with each distinct concept considering different greenery experience that can be found in each floor.

The first floor, where the bakery display and the coffee counter are located, is where the nature scenery and the reflection pond are most close by. One-way view seatings have been arranged by the boundary of the curtain wall providing intimate view towards the nature, and additional gardens have been placed in the center, allowing for the customers to experience the layer of nature in the space like in a forest. The finishing material selections have been composed of bright monotone finishes and the shapes in the most minimal ways, which support the harmonized view of the space and the variation of the scenery of the four seasons. Various segmentation and combination of different volumes, contrast of texture, and difference of levels have allowed even further a wide spectrum of spatial experience.

As the main cafe hall, the second floor has been engaged with a linear water feature contrasting with the 9 meter-high open space. Seatings have been arranged in various ways depending on the direction of the views, and the long linear water feature has been set in the center; it resembles in a manner of a runway or maybe a virgin road. The gentle spread of the water flow and the sound maximizes the spatial experience within the hall. At the other end of the water feature, the customers can encounter the open space of theatrical style seatings, where people can enjoy the wide, 9 meter-high view out to the nature with some classical music performances occasionally.

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